One of the first ministries created is Love and Care a pro-life ministry in which mothers are guided to have their babies in a healthy and wise way. We train the mothers to be in new born baby care, feeding, etc. A sonogram is also provided free of charge. Most of the recipients  are mothers with no immigration status and/or low income that can not afford assistance such as baby cribs, car seats, diapers, infant formula, etc. We are very grateful that God guide us to this ministry.


We sponsor a Alcoholic Anonymous chapter since 2010 which brings people to the church during the entire week looking for assistance for the problem.


In 2011 we started sponsoring 2 Narcotic Anonymous groups focused in drug addition recovery in the area.


In 2012 the church began the Pastor’s Soup kitchen targeting the homeless community surrounding the church. We served one hot meal and provided a clean set of clothes to the homeless that came in. We have several of them as church members of this community.


Wednesday 6:00 pm Spaghetti Dinner for everybody prior to the Bible Study and prayer meeting, that start at 7:00 pm.


Every third Sunday at 9:00 am we have an English Contemporary Worship service that is directed towards the third generation of Hispanics that are in between English and Spanish.


Our average service attendance is around 100 people, including all ages and we have 14 nations represented in the congregation.